Card Access

RS2® Technologies is a technology-driven manufacturer of cutting edge access management hardware and software.


RS2®has developed a reputation as a “one-stop” solution by delivering cost-effective access management solutions to customers in industries as diverse as shipbuilding, energy, hospitals, education, defense, financial institutions, government, museums, information technology, and a variety of diverse manufacturing companies. From small office buildings to large industrial facilities, RS2 has the products to meet the needs of business and industry.


Our hardware line includes a wide range of system control processors, peripherals, readers and cards. Our Access It!® line of access control software is the most advanced and easy-to-use in the industry, ranging from Access It!® Lite, an entry-level, single-user version, to Access It!® Universal, a powerful yet cost-effective and scalable system that is ideal for applications ranging from small systems to enterprise class operations.



Access Professional Edition gives you the ability to customize your system beyond access control requirements while keeping your investment costs under control. 


Video Verification
Up to five cameras per door can be used providing better situational awareness to immediately identify threats or tailgating.

Alarm Verification
If an alarm is received at a door, such as exceeded door open time allowed or unauthorized credential presented, an image will immediately be displayed from the corresponding location in the operator screen.

Arming / Disarming of INtrusion Systems
Intrusion detection systems connected to the system's access controller level can be easily armed and disarmed using an appropriately authorized access credential and a corresponding PIN code.

Customizable Operator Functions and Cardholder Privileges
Up to 16 operators with individual privileges can be simultaneously logged in performing different tasks.